A1 Vehicle Telematics Unit

A1 Vehicle Telematics Unit

A1 Vehicle Telematics Unit

Vehicle Locator and Telematics Unit

The Aplicom A1 is Thorcom's mid-range option for vehicle tracking, location and telemetry use. It combines a high precision GPS receiver with quadband GSM/GPRS communications with special Thorcom firmware and application software to provide highly reliable tracking, mileage reporting, driver behaviour monitoring and an Incident Data Recorder (IDR) facility.


Vehicle Integration

Thorcom uses the A1 unit's verstatile arrangement of connections and interfaces to integrate with vehicle systems. These include:

  • OBD-II (CAN) interface for vehicle ECU derived telematics, including MIL Lamp Status and Vehicle Trouble Codes
  • 7 Digital Inputs, including Ignition State, plus in Police Projects, Blue Lights, Siren, Brake Lights, Speed Pulse, Headlights and Rear Reds
  • Vehicle mileage from OBD-II port, or from GPS journey data
  • Integrated vehicle power management with 'wake on jolt' and internal battery backup
  • Supports internally or externally mounted GPS and GSM antennas
  • 72-channel GPS receiver with self-assisted A-GPS support

Driver Integration

  • Driver and passenger recognition using RFID cards or Dallas iButton
  • Status Messaging via button presses
  • Manual IDR activation
  • Emergency or Under Duress notification
  • LED and Audible Alerts, controlled by the A1, or over-air from control

Incident Data Recorder (IDR)

The Incident Data Recorder (IDR) function continuously monitors speed and acceleration in 3-axiz (X, Y, Z) and triggers a recoding event if a predetermined threshold is exceeded.

The IDR function captures 30 seconds of data, prior and post the trigger event that incorporates:

  • Dedicated real-time co-processor that independently records IDR data 
  • Acceleration in x/y/z axis at 100Hz sample rate
  • All digital telemetry inputs from vehicle at 10Hz sample rate
  • GPS latitude, longitude, speed and direction with 1Hz sample rate
  • Driver and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and calibration data.
  • Distance data is recorded independently to GPS with 20cm (typical) accuracy

The IDR data is stored in an encrypted a secure file on the unit that can be downloaded to a laptop/PC program where it is decrypted and analysed.  In addition IDR files can be automatically uploaded over-the-air to avoid the need for a visit to a vehicle after an IDR activation event.

Post incident IDR analysis is provided by Thorcom's IDR Analysis Application, designed to display all the IDR data in an easy to use visual format with an interface designed to be familiar to Collision Investigation Officers.

Reliable and Future-proofed

The A1is tough, expandable and flexible, and can be configured to meet current needs and adapted to meet future needs too. The A1 code, configuration and behavioural trigger thresholds are updateable over-the-air. The A1 has been extensively tested for operation in harsh mobile environments, with full performance maintained between -30°C and+70°C.