Mobilize MDG - Mobile Data Gateway

Mobilize MDG - Mobile Data Gateway

Mobilize MDG - Mobile Data Gateway

Mobile Data Gateway Server Core Infrastructure

Mobilize MDG - Mobile Data Gateway is a central server solution that provides access to two-way mobile data dispatch messaging services and location information from vehicles, mobile devices and staff using Mobilize MDT, Mobilize CFR, Mobilize Officer or other members of the Mobilize product family


Mobile Data Gateway


Address management

Mobilize MDG provides a translation from the addresses used by the network technology, for example TETRA ISSIs or IP addresses on GPRS, to customer centric ‘aliases’ or ‘callsigns’ - this allows the Command and Control system or application host to operate without knowledge of the underlying technology and enables mixed fleet and mixed vendor interoperation.


Logging and audit trail

ARL Gateway maintains a detailed logs for all data received for all resources for up to one year - this is accurately time-stamped and can be used for audit purposes and post incident analysis.


High availability

ARL Gateway can be supplied as a single, stand-alone, server solution or as a pair of servers operating as a main-standby pair with automatic failover. For mission critical systems servers can installed at two or more sites (points of presence) allowing load sharing across sites and wide-area enhanced resilience with no single point-of-failure.



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