Mobilize MDM - Mobile Data Manager

Mobilize MDM - Mobile Data Manager

Mobilize MDM - Mobile Data Manager

Web based mobile data resource configuration and management

Mobilize® MDM is the Mobile Data Manager or web-based administration (“webmin”) component of Thorcom mobile data systems that provides configuration management of devices, resources, communications bearers and other system components


Mobile data system components

Thorcom mobile data systems comprise one or more Point of Presence (PoP) with Mobilze MDG Mobile Data Gateways operating either in standalone mode or in high resilience fail-over pairs.  Mobilize MDM web-based mobile data manager provides the central coordination of the system, POP sites, servers, devices, resources, resource groups and users to manage the overall system.


Web based management

Mobilize MDM (“Webmin”) allows configuration of:

  • Communications bearers
  • Devices
  • Resources
  • Resource types
  • Resource groups
  • Mobile data routing policy
  • Data encryption
  • Performance monitoring sub-systems

and much more.


Database front end

The mobile data system is under pinned by a relational database that reflects the various entities in the system including:

  • Devices
  • Resources
  • Vehicles
  • Users
  • Communications bearers
  • SIM cards/phone numbers/IP addresses
  • Servers
  • POP sites

The web-based management system is a front end on the database and provides the ability to:

  • Create, edit, delete communications bearers
  • Create, edit, delete mobile data servers
  • Create, edit, delete POP sites
  • Create, edit, delete, update, stun, revive devices
  • Create, edit, delete resources and assign devices to resources
  • Create, edit, delete resource groups

Changes to the system configuration are validated and updates stored back in the central MDM database when the changes are published.


Database replication

The central database on the MDM server implement real-time database replication to each of the mobile data gateways.  The mobile data gateways obtain their configuration from their local copy of the database and monitor it for changes, automatically reconfiguring themselves when a change is published. 

The system is designed such that mobile data servers are autonomous and can continue to provide mobile data services even if the replication from the central master database fails.


Device configuration

Thorcom mobile data systems support a range of devices including mobile data terminals such as Mobilize MDT and VR2000, TETRA pagers,


Mobilize product family

Mobilize MDG is part of Thorcom's Mobilize family - a modular approach to ambulance mobile data job dispatch and resource management which features a range of products and solutions designed to be modular, flexible, configurable and support interoperability.

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