Mobilize MDT - Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

Mobilize MDT - Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

Mobilize MDT - Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

Third generation ambulance mobile data terminal solution

Mobilize® MDT - Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal is Thorcom's third-generation rugged mobile data solution for demanding incident despatch and resource management applications in front-line ambulances, fast response vehicles and cars used by officers and volunteers.


MDT application

Thorcom's third generation mobile data application called "Mobilize MDT" builds on previous solutions and includes: 

  • simplified and intuitive user interface
  • support for RFID card sign-on
  • multiple incident support
  • improved status messages and qualifiers
  • hospital and treatment centre directory
  • integrated software or external dedicated SatNav
  • spoken (voice) action prompts

Users of previous Thorcom mobile data solutions are able to adopt the new system quickly and with little or no training due to familiar design, layout and operation that has been optimised for ease-of-use.


Appliance mode operation

The mobile data terminal is normally used in a "locked down" mode where it operates as a mobile data terminal "appliance". In this mode the software is guaranteed to be running at any time that the unit is powered - appliance mode ensures:

  • the unit boots up when power is connected
  • the power on/off switch is disabled
  • MDT application is launched at power-on
  • MDT application is re-started if it exits
  • the user cannot install other apps
  • that service levels and KPIs can be achieved

Appliance mode is implemented via a set of modifications to the underlying operating system and hardware configuration and changes the device from a commodity tablet to a dedicated MDT appliance ensuring its ability to meet the requirements of a critical communications systems users.

Operating System modifications to provide appliance mode are developed by Thorcom in conjunction with the tablet manufacturer, are supported in-house by Thorcom and are not available elsewhere.


GPS location & tracking

The integrated GPS receiver may be used for transmission of resource location updates to control using Thorcom's rules-based, event driven AVL reporting. Limitations of tablet based location systems should be considered when comparing them with existing solutions that use dedicated GPS systems.


Satellite Navigation

Mobilize MDT can be supplied with CoPilot - a software based satellite navigation sub-system or it can control an external SatNav unit such as a Garmin Nuvi or Dezl connected via a serial port on the vehicle communications hub.


Mobile network support

An integrated 2G/3G radio modem supports GPRS, EDGE, HSPA/HSPA+ standards for wireless communications.

Please consult Thorcom regarding the availability of 4G/LTE options and compatibility with the Emergency Services Network (ESN).


WiFi support

Mobilize MDT includes 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi connectivity operating in the standard 2.4GHz band as well as the 5GHz 'professional' WiFi band which has 32 channels that are less congested than 2.4GHz.


Wired LAN connection

Accessible via the vehicle docking cradle, the MDT has a wired 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN connection that can be used as part of a Vehicle Area Network (VAN) for reliable connections in fixed installations.


Dual bearer operation

While the Android operating system supports multiple bearers - for example Mobile network, WiFi and Wired LAN - these are selected automatically by the operating system's built in network management sub-system that uses the "best" network connection at any given time.

The operating system does not provide full parallel (concurrent) use of two or more simultaneous 2G/3G/4G bearer connections. Where dual bearer communications is required for resilience and reliability of communications with parallel/concurrent operation Thorcom recommends that the MDT is used with its Smart Vehicle Gateway.


Smart Vehicle Gateway

The mobile data terminal can be used standalone via its built-in connectivity or can be used as part of an integrated vehicle network and mobile broadband solution with Thorcom's Smart Vehicle Gateway.

Smart Vehicle Gateway provides a range of additional features including:

  • true concurrent multi-bearer communications
  • two independent 2G/3G/4G/LTE radios for parallel operation
  • WiFi access point (WiFi around the vehicle)
  • legacy TETRA radio connection
  • control of external SatNav units
  • dedicated message communications sub-system
  • synchronisation service for multiple MDTs
  • high performance vehicle-based AVL sub-system
  • vehicle monitoring and telematics
  • power management and reporting

Read more about our Ambulance Modile Data solutions and Smart Vehicle Gateway.


Multiple MDT support

A new feature of the Mobilize MDT solution is the ability to install a second mobile data terminal in the rear of the vehicle (treatment saloon) that is synchronised with the MDT in the front of the vehicle for seamless operation when staff move between the front and rear of the vehicle.

The MDT synchronisation service is a feature provided by the Smart Vehicle Gateway communications sub-system.


Other applications

Other applications and secondary uses for the mobile data terminal include:

  • Electronic Patient Report Form
  • See & Treat protocols (Pathfinder and Manchester Triage)
  • clinical guidelines such as JRCALC
  • drugs management and stock control
  • Intranet and Internet access
  • remote learning/training materials/CPD
  • paramedic notebook
  • access to NHS Pathways Directory of Services (DoS)

however these uses need to be carefully considered and managed to ensure that they do not interfere with the primary purpose of the system in providing critical communications.


Over the air updates

Thorcom's Webmin server can provide over-the-air configuration and software updates to MDTs making deployments of new software releases fast and easy to manage.


Service and support

Mobilize MDT comes with a 3-year return to base (RTB) hardware warranty and can be supplied as capital purchase with support contract, part of a managed solution or a fully managed service via one of our Service Delivery Partners.


Mobilize product family

Mobilize MDT is part of Thorcom's Mobilize family - a modular approach to ambulance mobile data job dispatch and resource management which features a range of products and solutions designed to be modular, flexible, configurable and support interoperability.

Read more about the Mobilize product family.


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