Mobilize TRS - Trust Reporting Server

Mobilize TRS - Trust Reporting Server

Mobilize TRS - Trust Reporting Server

Mobile data performance monitoring and reporting server

Mobilize® TRS - Trust Reporting Server is a central server solution that provides web-based reporting services and monitoring of your mobile data system.



Mobilize® Trust Reporting Server (TRS) provides an easy to use way to view the comprehensive set of performance metrics produced by Thorcom's mobile data system, using a standard web browser.

TRS allows system administrators, support personnel and ordinary users to monitor system performance, check operation against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and view warnings and system alarms.

Real-time information is available at a glance through the Dashboard, in-depth historical information can accessed using Reporting Services sub-system.


Data collection and processing

The TRS server is an optional component of the mobile data system which has its own database that is designed and optimised for data collection, system monitoring and reporting. TRS connects to each of the mobile data gateway servers in the system and collects Call Detail Record (CDR) data.

CDR data contains details of each mobile data message and transaction in to and out of each of the mobile data gateways on each of the system's configured interfaces including CAD to mobile data, mobile data to radio system and mobile data to each of the communications bearers. Each transaction is logged with source and destination, time stamp accurate to 1mS, size of data, direction, delivery attempt, outcome and more.

Data is stored in a normalised form that is optimised for production of the real-time dashboard display and running reports.


Dashboard view

The Dashboard view is optimised for wall mounted displays placed in control rooms or support centres and shows the real-time performance aspects of the mobile data system "at a glance" on a single screen.

The four main parts of the dashboard are as follows:

  • Message Delivery Times, a gauge showing mean message delivery time and a histogram showing delivery times achieved in each of the last eight hours

  • Messages Per Hour, a gauge showing how many messages have been successfully delivered in the last hour, and a histogram showing the number of messages delivered in the last eight hours

  • Service Availability, traffic lights showing the status of the main solution components, connected bearers, and host systems

  • Bearer Operations, showing the proportion of messages successfully delivered via each bearer, and any failures, in a pie chart format

Dashboard operation is a real-time display taking advantage of HTML5, CSS3 and WebSocket technologies allowing Trust Reporting Server to push updates to the web-based client displays.


Reporting Services

Mobilize TRS Reporting allows users to analyse historical performance statistics to check that system performance is normal, or to analyse the performance across vehicles, time of day, or geographic regions in order to determine the cause of specific issues. Each report can be run over any date range or time, and comprise of the following types:

  • System Performance, including the total number of messages, the number delivered successfully, transaction times, and the number of messages that failed to be delivered and the reason why

  • Bearer Usage, showing how many messages were accepted for transmission, and how many were successfully delivered on each bearer

  • Bearer Performance, split between each bearer, typically GPRS and TETRA SDS, including transaction times, failures and reasons for failure

  • Vehicle Power, showing vehicle power performance in terms of 'good', 'failed' or 'failing' status

  • Dual Bearer Diagnosis, to enable the detection of faulty or unreliable bearers such as may be caused by faulty antennas. This is especially useful in systems with automatic resilience as bearer faults may otherwise go unnoticed

  • Geographic Performance, allowing fleet performance statistics to be shown on a map in order to determine areas of poor network coverage


Email Alerts and SMTP

Mobilize TRS has facilities for sending email alerts and SMTP traps to events and alarms as active notifications for users, these are configured with the support of Thorcom to the requirements of the end user system administrator.


Mobilize product family

Mobilize TRS is part of Thorcom's Mobilize family - a modular approach to ambulance mobile data job dispatch and resource management which features a range of products and solutions designed to be modular, flexible, configurable and support interoperability.

Read more about the Mobilize product family.


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