TAnalyst - IDR Analysis Software

TAnalyst - IDR Analysis Software

TAnalyst - IDR Analysis Software

Incident Data Recorder Analysis

TAnalyst is Thorcom's industry leading Windows software for Incident Data Recorder (IDR) analysis supporting a range of Thorcom's IDR equipped vehicle devices.


Incident Data Recorder

Several Thorcom products including VR2200 Vehicle Router and Smart Vehicle Gateway, A1 Vehicle Telematics unit and A9 Vehicle Telematics unit support an Incident Data Recorder (IDR) function that continuously monitors and records 3-axis accelerometer, independant speed and distance recording from Wheel Ticks, GPS data, and digital inputs from the vehicle such as headlights, indicators, operation of brakes, seatbelt fastened, emergency lights (blues & twos while travelling and arrival lights).

This data is recorded in a continuous loop and saved when a 'trigger' event occurs such as the automatic detection of a collision at which time the 10 seconds before the impact and 20 seconds after the impact are automatically logged to solid state storage along with the vehicle identity (VIN) and driver identification from RFID card or Warrant Card.

The data is stored on the unit in an encrypted form so that it cannot be tampered with and is valid as evidence for Collision Investigation Unit officers and other functions.


TAnalyst software

TAnalyst is a 64-bit Windows application that runs on Windows-7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 that is able to display IDR data and permit skilled users to cary out detailed collision investigation and incident analysis. TAnalyst provides the following key features:

  • Displays Speed and Distance curves in graphical format, scalable and with independant calibration and offset controls with pre-set or manual smoothing
  • Displays Vehicle Telemetry in colour coded bar graph format
  • Slidable time cursor, locked accross all graphs allowing easy time synchronisation of events to millisecond accuracy
  • Allows independant cross-checking of speed and distance data using Wheel Tick, Accelerometer and GPS data
  • Overlays trajecory data on to aerial photography for general localisation of the incident
  • Look and Feel is similar to other IDR analysis packages to minimise user learning and training overheads
  • Output to PDF for simple and reliable report generation