VR2000 Vehicle Router

VR2000 Vehicle Router

VR2000 Vehicle Router

Multi-bearer Vehicle Router & application host

The Thorcom VR2000 is a high performance in-vehicle computer and application host, IP router and vehicle locator designed for mobile data, vehicle tracking and in-vehicle communications and networking applications.

The VR2000 combines a high performance ARM9 CPU with low power consumption and a wide range of communications interfaces including RS232, USB and Ethernet for connection to radio bearers and communications equipment, as well as digital inputs and outputs for telemetry and data capture. The VR2000 also includes a touchscreen interface which allows the VR2000 to act as an application host complete with a graphical interface, usually a mobilisation app running in the front of a response vehicle.

VR2000 has a feature-rich set of IP networking protocols and facilities including TETRA packet data (IP over TETRA) and GPRS (IP over GSM) with support for Network Address Translation (NAT), high performance firewall and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) with security/encryption (IPSEC/3DES).

With four RS232 serial ports, four USB ports and two 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports the VR2000 is equipped with a wealth of connectivity options to allow connections to multiple communications bearers, input/output devices such as keyboards, touch-screen interfaces, barcode readers, and wireless networks.

The design incorporates high performance industrial grade Compact FLASH memory for long-term program and data storage. Battery backed Static RAM (SRAM) is used to store short-term data such as vehicle telemetry information. A rugged hard disk option is available for high capacity internal storage needs. The ultra-low power consumption (typically less than 4 watts) and wide supply voltage range ensures that the VR2000 can remain operating in the harsh vehicle environment for extended periods, compared with PC based solutions that typically consume 10-100 times more power.

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