VR2200 Smart Vehicle Gateway

VR2200 Smart Vehicle Gateway

VR2200 Smart Vehicle Gateway

Mobile Data Router and Communications Hub

VR2200 is a high performance vehicle router and communications hub for next-generation smart vehicle solutions that require reliable connectivity in business-critical and mission-critical applications in the Emergency Services, Public Utilities and Public Transport marketplaces.

Thorcom® VR2200 is a high performance smart vehicle router and communications platform intended for Emergency Services, Public Utilities and Public Transport users that require reliable communications for mobile data, job despatch, vehicle location and access to back-office IT systems.

The VR2200 has been designed as a form, fit and function replacement for the successful VR2000 unit which it replaces.


Integrated solution

VR2200 combines key functions in to a single box solution including:

  • One or two 2G/3G/4G/LTE radios
  • Two wired Ethernet connections
  • Wireless Access Point
  • IP routing and IP security
  • Mobile data communications router
  • Application layer proxy
  • High performance GPS receiver
  • CANbus and GPIO for vehicle telematics

The functions integrate in to a high performance vehicle communications hub that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Home Office "OneBox" project while providing improved connectivity and reliability on commercial networks or the Emergency Services Network (ESN).


Modular design

VR2200 is based on the Smart Mobility Architecture (SMARC) - an open hardware industry standard for building modular and flexible products with a focus on connectivity and communications.

VR2200 provides three internal mini-PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card slots for installation of modules, including 2G/3G/4G/LTE radio, WiFi and Bluetooth.

A choice of processor and radio modules allows the product to be tailored to customer requirements while maximising flexibility, providing the ability to upgrade and protecting investment.


Multibearer router

VR2200 is able to combine two or more wide area networks to provide high availability IP networking for devices in and around the vehicle, connected to Gigabit Ethernet LAN or the integrated Wireless Access Point (option).

Routing can be configured to prefer one provider over another, use networks in parallel for high reliability or route traffic via different networks based on traffic type, cost or quality of service.


Vehicle Area Network

VR2200 provides two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to allow the creation of a Vehicle Area Network (VAN) for devices such as mobile data terminals, vehicle computers, tablet PCs, laptops, video capture, ANPR and medical equipment.

Ethernet ports may be connected to an Ethernet Switch to increase the number of connections available in the vehicle.


Wireless Access Point

The Wireless Access Point module provides wireless access in and around the vehicle and at distances in excess of 100m (depending on antenna choice and installation).

The wireless access point can operate on 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands and provides enterprise grade security including WPA/WPA2 and AES256 encryption.


Mobile network support

VR2200 has provision for two mini-PCI Express radio modules and two SIM cards and can operate simultaneously on two mobile networks.

Simultaneous operation on two different networks allows VR2200 to maintain both network connections and route traffic over either network or both networks in parallel for maximum effectiveness without delays associated with switching between networks found on "dual SIM" devices that sequentially use one or other network.


TETRA support

VR2200 provides an RS232 serial port for connection to existing or legacy TETRA radio equipment via the Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI). The PEI provides access to Short Data Service (SDS) or TETRA IP packet data.

Providing TETRA connectivity can help with transition and migration from current generation hybrid systems to all-IP based broadband networks.


Operating system services

VR2200's Linux based server operating system provides a range of services for the vehicle area network and WiFi including DHCP server, DNS server and NTP server.


Application proxy services

Applications that require high levels of reliability and availability may employ application-specific message routers or application-layer proxies for close integration between the application requirements and the communications networks and to improve overall system performance.

Application proxies often provide bearer-specific handling or specialist protocol handling, data compression, data encryption, data caching and additional security features as part of an overall system solution.

Thorcom provides its SMG and MRG software for ambulance mobile data solutions and can supply or develop proxy services for other applications to improve system performance and reliability.


GNSS and tracking services

VR2200 incorporates a high performance 72 channel Ublox multi-technology GNSS receiver that supports concurrent operation using up to three technologies including Navstar GPS (American), Galileo (European), GLONASS (Russian) and BeiDou (Chinese) location systems to provide outstanding location service accuracy of typically 2-3m, reception at very low signal levels (typically -167dBm) for operation in and close to buildings and fast time to first fix.

Employing the Ublox multi-mode GNSS receiver coupled with Thorcom's advanced event-driven reporting algorithms result in a vehicle location and tracking system with high performance and high reliability to ensure that assets are tracked when needed.

Implementing vehicle tracking as part of the communications hub ensures that the resource can be located even when other components of the system such as the mobile data terminal are switched off, not in use or are away from the vehicle.


CANbus and vehicle telematics

VR2200 provides two CANbus interfaces and eight digital inputs that provide a range of vehicle monitoring functions.

A CANbus interface can be used with Thorcom's vehicle management software to connect to the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) and fetch vehicle diagnostics and performance data and forward it to a central gateway for monitoring and analysis. Information gathered can include:

  • engine malfunction indicator (MIL lamp)
  • vehicle diagnostic codes
  • fuel level
  • odometer reading

but depend on the make/model of the vehicle and manufacturer's implementation of EOBD/ODB-II.

Telematics data provides fleet managers with information about vehicle servicing issues and vehicle faults before they are reported by staff and can prevent vehicles from misuse or use when potentially unsafe.


Driver behaviour monitoring

VR2200 incorporates a 3-axis MEMS sensor for monitoring and recording driver behaviour including:

  • rapid acceleration
  • harsh braking and cornering
  • high g-force events
  • impacts and collisions

An optional software module provides both driver behaviour monitoring and an Incident Data Recorder (IDR) function which captures high resolution data before, during and after an impact/collision event for crash investigation purposes.


Power management

Maintaining system operation is an ongoing challenge in the vehicle environment - especially with emergency services vehicles with multiple information systems such as mobile data, ANPR, medical equipment, etc. where power demands can often outstrip availability.

To ensure that VR2200 remains powered and able to provide communications services to in-vehicle equipment it has two independent power supply inputs allowing it to be powered from different power sources in the vehicle or from the vehicle and a UPS.

Thorcom's advanced power management software monitors the power inputs and vehicle telemetry inputs such as vehicle ignition state, "on charge" and "shoreline connected" and provides action prompts via the network to local users via their MDT and sends messages to control to ensure that vehicle power is managed appropriately.

Active power managementmaximises system availability for critical communications systems and also reports vehicle power issues to a central logging service for fleet management and maintenance staff.


Device management

VR2200 can be managed via Thorcom's secure web based administration system or Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) servers.

Operating system updates and application software can be delivered over-the-air.



VR2200 implements a number of security features including:

  • tamper and fault detection on radio and GPS antennas
  • tamper detection on the equipment case
  • secure storage of key material
  • IPSEC VPN to CESG PSN End State Profile
  • WiFi with WPA, WPA2 enterprise grade security modes with AES256 strong encryption


Service and support

VR2200 hardware is supplied with a standard two year return to base (RTB) hardware warranty.

VR2200 can be supplied as capital purchase only, purchase with support contract, part of a managed service or a fully servitized mobile data solution supported and maintained by Thorcom or System Integration/Service Delivery Partner - please contact Thorcom Sales for more information.


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