Multibearer router and communications hub

VR2700 is a multibearer vehicle router, communications hub and computing platform for next generation mobile data applications and information services for the Emergency Services

Thorcom®VR2700 is a high performance communications platform for use in Emergency Services vehicles that require reliable communications for mobile data, job despatch, status messaging, vehicle location, and other applications across multiple IP-based networks.

Communications platform

VR2700 is a vehicle communications platform designed for ‘always on’ high-availability communications across multiple radio networks for Emergency Services applications.

VR2700’s modular design permits installation of up to four radio modules covering any combination of 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) and Wifi (2.4GHz), WiFi (5GHz) Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) as well as Bluetooth.

The modular approach allows the underlying radio technologies to be upgraded or replaced to suit changes in networks or technical requirements while protecting investment in the core product.

In addition the base unit supports Gigabit Ethernet, multiple USB 2.0 expansion connections, CANbus, VGA, Display Port, digital IO and other technologies.

Multi-bearer router

VR2700 is able to combine one or more wide area networks (2G/3G/4G/LTE WWAN) with Wifi client mode to provide high performance connectivity to devices in the vehicle connected via gigabit Ethernet LAN or via a Wifi down-link. Satellite communications can also be incorporated via a USB Satellite Radio Modem.

Thorcom’s SecurePath® technology provides high availability messaging between mobile devices in the vehicle and central systems at the user organisation by employing multiple end-to-end encrypted VPN tunnels and policy based routing that provides assured delivery and prioritisation based on the application and Quality of Service requirements.

Routing can be configured to prefer one provider over another, use available networks in ‘round robin’ mode or use network connections in parallel for high reliability.

Wireless “hot spot”

Wireless “hot spot” mode a provides connectivity for over 50 computing devices such as laptops or tablets at distances in excess of 100m from the vehicle (depending on antenna installation).

Hot spot mode is provided via Wifi operating in the 5.0GHz Wifi band (802.11a/ac) where up to 32 unique channels are available and interference is significantly lower than in the congested 2.4GHz band.

Wireless client mode

A second 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi module can operate in “client” mode and allow VR2700 to establish connections to home networks at stations, hospitals, standby-points other public WiFi networks.

Wired Ethernet connection

VR2700 provides a standard 10/100/1000Mbps wired Ethernet connection for fixed wired devices around the vehicle. The Ethernet port may be connected to a switch to increase the number of connections available in the vehicle.

Mobile network support

VR2700 has provision for radio-modem devices and two SIM cards so that it can operate simultaneously on two mobile networks. Employing full dual-radio dual-network operation allows VR2700 to monitor both paths and select the best path based on signal strength, reliability, cost or quality of service.

Each radio modem supports 2G (GPRS), 2.5G (EDGE), 3G (UMTS), 3.5G (HSPA/HPSA+) and 4G/LTE in Category 3 (100Mbps downlink/50Mbps uplink) or Category 4 (150Mbps downlink/50Mbps uplink)modes.

Voice call support

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls are supported on one radio modem/SIM card via a ‘hands free audio’ interface to which a microphone and speaker may be connected. Voice call mode supports point-to-point (circuit switched) calls to/from a control room or dispatch centre to be made routinely or as an emergency fall back system activated by a ‘crew alert’.

TETRA support

VR2700 provides an RS232 serial port that can be connected to a TETRA radio using the Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI) allowing the use of Short Data Service (SDS) or TETRA IP packet data as an alternative communications bearer.

Mobile data terminal

VR2700 incorporates a high performance Intel® ATOM™ dual core CPU with integrated graphics and solid state disk storage and can operate as a mobile data terminal hosting native applications.

The VR2700 can drive analogue displays via a VGA connector or digital displays via Display Port and can accept a wide range of human interface devices (keyboard, mouse, touch-screen, etc.) via its USB interfaces.

GPS location based services

VR2700 incorporates a high performance Ublox GPS receiver for vehicle tracking and location based services using Thorcom’s advanced rules-based event driven algorithms.

Location based services can inform the multibearer router sub-system when to change networks for example if arriving at a “home station” or hospital.

Vehicle telematics

VR2700 incorporates a CANbus interface that allows it to attach to Engine Control Units (ECU) and fetch vehicle diagnostics and performance data via OBDII/ EOBD and forward it to a central gateway for decoding, interpretation and analysis. Integrating vehicle telemetry into the communications system avoids separate systems for vehicle telematics and fleet management.


WiFi support includes WPA, WPA2 enterprise grade security modes with AES256 strong encryption.

Service and support

VR2700 comes with a 3-year return to base (RTB) hardware warranty and can be supplied as capital purchase with support contract, part of a managed solution or a fully managed service.

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