Mobilize MDT

Mobilize MDT

Mobilize MDT

Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

Mobilize® MDT is the Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) application and user interface for mobile data, incident despatch, status messaging and satellite navigation


The Mobilize MDT is available as ready-to-use 'Appliance' (with the application software and tablet hardware as ready-to-use bundle) or as a standalone application or 'App' for use on any compatible third-party hardware. The MDT functionality includes:

  • Book-on/Book-off at start/end of shift
  • Flexible status sub-system
  • Mobilisation message (AS1, AS2)
  • Patient transfer message (AS3)
  • Stand-down message
  • Proceed to Standby message
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Multiple incident support
  • Meal break management
  • Integrated satellite navigation or external SatNav control

As part of an integrated ambulance mobilisation solution, Thorcom recommends Mobilize MDT is provided in Appliance Mode as this guarantees its ability to meet the requirements of a 'front of ambulance' despatch solution.


GPS Location and Satellite Navigation

Mobilize MDT is able to use the integrated GPS receiver to provide location updates, however if the MDT is used in conjunction with the Thorcom Smart Vehicle Gateway, then the dedicated GPS and external antenna provided with the vehicle communications hub will produce a higher overall quality of tracking performance under all conditions.

Likewise, Mobilize MDT can be supplied complete with a built-in software satellite navigation system, or via the communications hub, an external SatNav unit can be connected to work alongside the MDT.


Local and Wide Area Network Support

The Mobilize MDT application is able to make use of the radio modem supplied as part of the tablet scope. When supplied in Appliance Mode with a Getac Tablet, this is a 2G/3G radio supporting multiple wireless speeds. Please consult Thorcom regarding the availability of 4G/LTE options and compatibility with the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

When used with the Thorcom Smart Vehicle Gateway, the communications service, particularly Dual Bearer operations for reliability, and for 4G/ESN compatibility reasons, this means the tablet radio is not used in regular service.

Mobilize MDT is able to connect to the Smart Vehicle Gateway via WiFi or wired LAN, with wired LAN being the preferred option when Mobilize MDT is permanently fixed in the front of the vehicle. A second Mobilise MDT Application can be installed in the rear of the vehicle to provide Mobilisation Functions to crew providing patient care, synchronisation being provided via the Smart Vehicle Gateway.


Flexible Future Options and Updates

Because Mobilise MDT is a modular and configurable software application running on separate tablet hardware, it is straightforward to add features as requirements develop. This is particularly the case when running Apps in the rear of the vehicle on a second tablet as it allows the front tablet to be dedicated to providing critical dispatch functionality at all times.

Thorcom's central management software allows over-the-air configuration and software updates to be quickly and easily deployed without the need to visit the vehicle.

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