Ambulance Mobile Data Solutions

Ambulance Mobile Data Solutions

Ambulance Mobile Data Solutions

Modular and flexible solutions for mobile data and job dispatch

Thorcom has introduced its Mobilize® family of modular hardware components and software applications and sub-systems for next-generation real-time incident despatch and resource management solutions that are optimised for the Ambulance mobile data market place in the UK, Europe and world-wide.

The Mobilize family has the components needed to build an integrated solution that provides high performance mobile data incident dispatch system for the Ambulance Service

The Mobilize family includes:

  • Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for the primary user interface in front of vehicle
  • Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for the rear of vehicle/treatment saloon (optional)
  • Smart Vehicle Gateway that provides "Communications Hub" services, dual-bearer communications, WiFi, MDT synchronisation service and more
  • Paramedic/Crew application for hand-portable ESN devices for status, messaging and Crew Contact
  • Community First Responder application for volunteer responders
  • Central mobile data gateway servers
  • Web based administration and reporting servers

Additional information on the Mobilize family components can be found below:


Mobilie MDT - Ambulance mobile data terminal

Mobilize MDT

Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

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Smart Vehicle Gateway

Ambulance Mobile Communications Hub

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Ambulance Concept Diagram

Ambulance Solution Architecture

Communications architecture for ambulance mobile data

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