Remote Asset Management

Remote Asset Management

Remote Asset Management

Secure cloud based global asset monitoring and control

Thorcom has integrated it's mobile products and cloud based management system in to a global asset monitoring and access control solution

The solution integrates GPS and an RFID reader to provide a global solution for tracking high value mobile assets, and monitoring and controlling those who have authority to use the equipment. Authorised users can simply unlock the equipment by scanning their personal RFID card, and their ID, the time and location are logged and sent over-air to the Thorcom central servers.

The solution is designed to run from batteries for 3-months or longer, includes a 'Fit-to-Fly' mode for safe air transport, and includes a 1-time access mode for customs inspections. The components are ruggdised and protected to be able stand up to tough industrial conditions and are fully integrated with Thorcom's back office and support services.

Power Control

The solution implements smart power control to allow its battery with 12 week service life without charge and can be extended on an indefinite basis by connecting an external charger as required. The power control includes an isolator function to make the equipment fit to fly, and is fully compatible with IATA regulations for Battery Powered Equipment. The battery charge is monitored as part of the system telemetry, allowing service managers to check the health of the unit and recharge the batteries before any issues arise.

Remote Control and Tracking

The solution uses a global 2G Network to provide remote access on a worldwide basis, which is accessed via Thorcom's private and secure data centre. This allows Access Control Lists to be updated centrally, and delivers real-time reports on user access requests. The GPS receiver embedded in the solution allows the location of the equipment to be determined at any time, also on a global basis.

The GSM and GPS antennas used to provide the service are ultra-low-profile and vandal-proof. In the event that GSM service is unavailable access control is still available through the use of a locally stored access control list.

Cloud Based Central Access

The central solution can be accessed using any modern web browser using a secure encrypted connection to Thorcom's central servers. This allows authorised users to real-time and report based data, and the ability to add and remove user's RFID card based access at any time. The back office functions are supported by Thorcom in UK office time, or on an optional 24-hour basis according to requirements.

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