Xlocate location service

Xlocate location service

Xlocate location service

Web-based vehicle location, asset tracking and resource management

Xlocate is a vehicle tracking, workforce location and asset management solution from Thorcom delivered as a web-based application over the Internet. Xlocate is cost effective, flexible, customiseable and expandable.

Xlocate provides tracking of:

  • vehicles
  • people
  • equipment
  • remote assets

using a wide ranges of devices and technologies:

  • tracker unit installed in vehicle
  • software tracker "apps" on smart phones
  • GPS integrated in to business radio (TETRA, DMR, MPT1327)
  • existing vehicle location data feeds from other systems


Vehicle Tracking

Xlocate allows the user to locate vehicle assets in real-time and react in real-time, monitor and compare vehicle operator performance to reduce fuel consumption and wasted travel. The user can also run reports to analyse fleet operations to show where operational efficiencies can be made and reconcile working time and rest time.


Supported Networks

Xlocate uses a wide range of different wireless technologies to provide a solution to most vehicle location requirements. Supported technologies include 2G/3G/4G mobile networks, including bundled airtime with XLOCATE managed service, plus TETRA from single site to national networks, Trunked Radio (MPT1327) and Digital PMR.


Vehicle Tracking Units

The Thorcom VLR200 is Thorcom's most flexible tracking unit and provides rugged and intelligent all-in-one tracking, with a 50-channel GPS and GPRS inside, and the ability to fall-back to TETRA if required. For entry-level users who require a very low-cost unit with minimal installation requirements then the Aplicom A9 unit can be used. GPS-enabled TETRA terminals and GPS-enabled Private Radio terminals and other specialist tracking devices for international operations or unpowered installations can also be used.


Remote Monitoring

Not only can Xlocate monitor the location of your resources but we can provide remote telematics too. This includes temperature, weight, fluid levels and shock-loads. This ensures assets can be monitored in transit to ensure safe delivery, or the time and location of notifiable incidents should they occur at any time.


Software as a Service

Xlocate is provided as a Software-as-Service Web-based solution, Xlocate is both reliable and efficient.


Latest technologies

Xlocate employs latest technologies including HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets, Node.js and JavaScript - this allows us to deliver a real-time user experience.


World Wide Mapping

Xlocate employs OpenStreetMap GIS mapping data for the whole of the world.