Ambulance Mobilisation Systems

Thorcom’s solution for Ambulance Mobilisation providing mission critical dispatch, status, location and crew managment facilities.

In partnership with telent, Thorcom has provided a mission critical Ambulance Mobilisation Solution to the HSE National Ambulance Service in the Republic of Ireland. The solution included the requirement to run on a rugged tablet device with the ability to run on both a 4G network and a TETRA network.

Thorcom provided its Mobilize MDT application, running on Getac Z710 7-inch rugged tablet mounted securely in the vehicle, as part of a fully integrated mobilisation solution. As well as providing support for multi-incident mobilisations, Status and Location, the solution also supports start of shift vehicle checklists and intelligent shift management functions.

Responding crews have the call details sent to their MDTs, which include incident location details to automatically navigate the crew to their destination with a built-in satellite navigation system. Crews also get an alert via their hand-held TETRA terminals if they are way from the vehicle so they can return immediately to the vehicle and advise of ‘going mobile’.

The system includes Thorcom’s central communications gateway solution which provides fully resilient two-site operation, easy to use system administration, performance dashboards, diagnostics and reporting facilities. 24-hour central and fleet support services are provided by Thorcom and telent, with a system service level availability that exceeds 99.999%

For more information on mission critical mobilisation solutions, please contact Thorcom.

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