VR2400 Smart Vehicle Gateway

VR2400 Smart Vehicle Gateway

Mobile Data Router and Vehicle Communications hub

Thorcom® VR2400 is a high performance vehicle router and communications hub for 4G, LTE Advanced and 5G based next-generation smart vehicle solutions that require reliable connectivity in business-critical and mission critical applications in the Emergency Services, Public Utilities and Public Transport marketplaces.

VR2400 is a high performance smart vehicle router and communications platform intended for Emergency Services, Public Utilities and Public Transport users that require reliable communications for mobile data, job despatch, vehicle location asset management and access to back-office IT systems.

The VR2400 has been designed as a form, fit and function replacement for the successful VR2000 and VR2200 units which it replaces.

Thorcom provides its SMG and MRG software for ambulance mobile data solutions and can supply or develop proxy services for other applications to improve system performance and reliability.

  • Application Features
  • Managed Gateway Service
  • Resource Location
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Device Connectivity
  • Bring Your Own Your Device (BYOD)
  • Device Management
  • Software Installation
  • Software Updates
  • Mobilize Product Family

Key Features

  • Multi-bearer communications with InStream
  • Dual independant 4G/5G radios
  • Dual Wifi for Access Point and Station Mode
  • Four port Gigabit Ethernet switch for Vehicle Area Network
  • Gigabit Ethernet for Satellite uplink
  • Multi-constellation GNSS receiver
  • SD card internal storage
  • Audio interface for MCPTT/MCX
  • External antenna connectors
  • Modular and expandable design
  • 9-36V operation with dual inputs
  • Internal battery backup (UPS function)


  • Smart Vehicle Gateway
  • Mobile data communications hub
  • Vehicle Area Network (VAN) router
  • Wireless access “hot spot”
  • Vehicle location, asset tracking and condition monitoring
  • Vehicle telemetry and vehiocle telematics
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Application proxy server
  • Demand Resource Management systems
  • Video surveillance and ANPR


  • Devuan Linux 4.0 Operating System
  • Thorcom InStream multibearer IP router
  • Thorcom AVLD vehicle tracking
  • Thorcom SMG and MRG application routers

Technical Specifications

  • NXP i.MX8M Quad Core ARM® Cortex™-A53 at 1.5GHz
  • 4Gb LPDDR4 RAM
  • 16-128Gb eMMC 5.0 FLASH (ordering option)
  • SDHC storage UHS-1 104Mbps, max 2Tb capacity
  • 2 x M.2 3042/3052 type B (for 4G/5G radio)
  • 1 x M.2 2230 type A/E (for WiFi Client/Bluetooth)
  • 1 x mini-PCIE (for WiFi AP or IoT Gateway)
  • Ublox MAX-M10S 72 channel GNSS receiver
  • 3-Axis accelerometer ±16g 16-bit at 100Hz
  • 2 x USB 3.1 host ports Type A
  • Four port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • RS232 serial port
  • 2 x RS485 half-duplex serial port
  • 2 x CANbus 2.0A/B for EOBD/OBD-II and ESCAN
  • 8 x General Purpose Inputs
  • 4 x General Purpose Outputs
  • USB mini-B port for configuration/diagnostics
  • HDMI compatible video interface
  • Audio interface microphone and PTT input
  • Amplifier with 10W RMS into 4-ohm speaker
  • SMA connectors for external antennas
  • Thorcom STM32 based Power Management Unit (PMU)

Power Supply

  • Dual independent power inputs
  • 9-36V DC negative earth
  • Internal battery backup (UPS function)
  • Power consumption 4-25W (operating – depending on peripherals)


  • 4G/LTE-Advanced/5G with 3GPP Release 16 support
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Access Point mode
  • Satellite modem (external) via USB or dedicated Ethernet
  • Serial port for legacy radio TETRA PEI, DMR, P25 connection
  • USB expansion ports
  • CANbus for vehicle telematics
  • RS485 for industrial automation/controls, e.g. MODbus


  • NXP Secure Boot
  • Hardware Cryptographic Module (CAAM)
  • Tamper detection and prevention


  • Aluminium extrusion
  • IP54 protection
  • Size 220mm (W) x 190mm (D) x 45mm (H) 
  • Weight 950g


  • Temperature -10 to +60C (operating)
  • Humidity 0-90% (non-condensing)


  • EMC: UKCA and CE mark for IT equipment
  • Radio Equipment Directive (RED) for RTTE equipment
  • 3GPP Global Certification Forum (GCF)
  • UNECE ‘E’ mark vehicle approval
  • Emergency Services Network (ESN) pending

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