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Thorcom designs and manufactures a range of rugged vehicle communication and location devices for use in the mission critical sector and other specialist sectors where very high performance and long-term support is needed. Thorcom’s users include the Emergency Services, Public Utilities, and Public Transport users who require a solution for mobile data, job despatch, resource location and access to back-office IT systems. All Thorcom products include TETRA terminal support, so are ideal for existing TETRA network use, or for users who require devices that support a transition from TETRA to 4G/LTE.

Thorcom also supports devices from selected third party device manufacturers where there are specialist requirements such as covert operations or very long term operation from battery power alone. All Thorcom supplied devices are compatible with Thorcom’s integrated network support which allows mixed solutions to be built using different device types

The Thorcom V-Range Product family includes:

  • VR2200 Smart Vehicle Gateway, which is the third-generation vehicle communications hub produced by Thorcom. The VR2200 hardware is modular and includes dual 4G/LTE radios, dual Ethernet, WiFi, vehicle telemetry (CAN Bus and Digital I/O), and VR2200 software support includes Thorcom InStream VPN and a wide range of applications and services.
  • VR220 Vehicle Locator, Thorcom’s high performance vehicle tracking, location and telemetry unit combining GPS location with cellular communications in a robust compact unit, suitable for a range of vehicle monitoring and mobile data applications.
  • Paramedic/Crew application for hand-portable ESN devices for status, messaging and Crew Alerting.
  • Central mobile data gateway servers which provide resilient communications services, web-based administration, and real-time and reporting services.

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