Synchronize Automated Mobile Resource Group Solution

Ensuring the Control Room is aware of the location and status of all mobile resources and personnel is vital to operational efficiency in the field. An emergency service will typically have a solution for locating response vehicles, and a separate a solution for location individual front line responders

Combining these two resource location systems in to one centrally accessible view is very difficult to achieve if it requires responders to update their ‘in vehicle’ / ‘out of vehicle’ status every time they enter or exit a vehicle.

Synchronise solves this issue by automatically identifying when a responder has boarded a vehicle and combines this with the vehicle location system to provide a unified view to the control room. When the responder leaves the vehicle, Synchronize recognises this and automatically separates the resource group in to a vehicle resource and an independent responder resource.

Because the system is fully automated and requires no action from the responder, it frees the responder from the need to manually update the system, and ensures that resource group is always up to date.

The benefits this brings to an emergency service include:

  • Automated resource group tracking, leading to clear and accurate resource group representation in the Control Room
  • No additional personal mobile equipment
  • Automated vehicle log book, recording vehicle occupants and vehicle journeys
  • Integrates with existing Thorcom Mobilise Vehicle location systems

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