Maintenance and Field Service

Maintenance and Field Service

Maintaining and servicing your solution

Mobile Installations

Thorcom is able to provide on-site services to maintain your mobile or central equipment as required. For vehicles this usually requires the vehicle to be returned to the users fleet service engineer where the work is carried out. The scope of work can vary between a full scale de-installation and re-installation, through technical unit troubleshooting, or to annual health check or re-calibration and test of incident data recorder accelerometers and wheel tick sensors.

All Thorcom’s current mobile equipment is reprogrammable over-air, both in terms of software and/or configuration changes and all Thorcom mobile equipment reports comprehensive performance data back to central dashboard and reporting tools. This means that unscheduled vehicle visits are usually for known hardware issues (e.g. faulty external antennas due to damage or vehicles reporting failing power management systems). Thorcom uses a mixture of its own field technicians, field service partners, or works in conjunction with the fleet owner’s own service personnel to provide these services.

Central Systems 

Central systems likewise have comprehensive instrumentation and detailed logging, so the majority of central system issues can be identified and resolved remotely. Site visits for system upgrade are usually reserved for scheduled hardware upgrade, or scheduled maintenance reasons.


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