Managed Service

Outsourcing Your System Management To Experts In Service Delivery

Thorcom recognises that business-critical or mission critical mobile data and vehicle location systems are complex, highly technical and can be a distraction for end-user organisation IT and support staff to manage, taking them away from other more business related needs.

We provide a range of additional support services from simple ‘break-fix’ support and ‘on demand’ support though to fully managed service for our mobile data solutions which allow end-user organisations to operate at the highest levels of availability without specialist knowledge or dedicated system management personnel.

By electing to use a managed service solution from Thorcom and one of our Service Delivery partners, customers are effectively out-sourcing the support, maintenance and ongoing running of their critical system to Thorcom. With Thorcom working alongside as experts, customers can expect every aspect of the system to be run with maximum effectiveness, and to meet or exceed Service Level Agreements.

Managed Service

Depending on customer requirements our managed service solutions can include:

  • Installation of central control equipment (servers, networks, etc)
  • Commissioning and handover of system
  • Installation and de-installation of vehicle equipment
  • Device configuration and management
  • Software and security updates
  • In-ours and out of hours support
  • Network monitoring
  • Remote support
  • System performance monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting against Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Contract and Account Management
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery planning

Thorcom Managed Service Contacts are in addition to Thorcom Support Contracts and are operated with a Service Level that state an agreed performance and quality level.

Thorcom helpdesk

Thorcom runs a dedicated helpdesk service for customers with support contracts or fully managed services.

Read more about how we run our support services.

Service delivery partners

We work with customers at various sizes of fleet from tens to thousands of vehicles and staff – from small specialist accident response units, to national police services and national ambulance services.

We have strategic working agreements with Service Delivery partners to ensure that we have the capacity to deal with large projects.

Read more about our partners.


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