Multi-bearer enterprise wireless solutions for mission critical mobile data systems

InStream is an advanced non-proprietary VPN solution that allows any standard end-user application to take advantage of multiple parallel wireless bearer operation. InStream is optimised for use with ESN, maximising the benefits ESN brings to application providers but without adding extra complexity. As a mobile-optimised and ‘Bearer Aware’ VPN Tunnel, InStream is compatible with ESN Quality of Service (QoS) and Traffic Prioritisation facilities.


InStream offers the following capabilities:

  • Traffic classification and mapping of traffic on to 3GPP/LTE Quality of Service Class Identifiers (QCIs) supports ESN traffic prioritisation, whilst at the same time directing non-critical messaging over other bearers
  • Strong data encryption is built-in using modern cipher suites including AES-256-GCM which meets NCSC/CESG recommendations
  • Parallel bearer operation which achieves the highest possible message reliability with zero retry or network switching delay required for critical messages

Integration with mobile network operator infrastructure to provide a wide range of additional benefits including:

Device and user authentication – meets the requirements of the NCSC/CESG ‘End User Device Security Collection’ (EUD)

IP address assignment – allows device IP address assignment and management from a central database

Presence information – provides real-time presence information, i.e. whether a device is online and active or switched off. Presence information can be maintained separately for each bearer leading to faster routing decisions

Device control – allows a device to be disabled if it is lost or stolen by marking it as out-of-service

Accounting information – provides counts for data transferred in each direction for the duration of the session. This allows measurement of utilisation, traffic analysis and billing functions

Coverage diagnostics – provides network cell tower identification with each access to the network, which can be analysed geographically with utilisation information to determine cellular coverage issues.

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