Mobilize Solutions for Mobile Data and Job Despatch

Thorcom integrates solutions by bringing together its range of modular V-Range devices, Mobilize Applications software and Mobilize Central System components to create end-to-end incident despatch and resource management systems. Mobilize Solutions are optimised for the emergency service mobile data market place in the UK, Europe and World-Wide.

Thorcom’s Mobilize Solutions include:

  • A Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for use as the main ‘Despatch Device’ across a fleet of front-line vehicles. This is normally a rugged tablet computer running Mobilize MDT software to provide a User Interface, connected to a Thorcom Vehicle Gateway which provides both resilient communications services, and vehicle system interfaces.
  • Hand-held devices for part-time or volunteer responders. A conventional smartphone running the Mobilize CFR App, providing a simple and structured user interface for responders. It includes a secure cloud-based communications solution which supports both WiFi and 4G/LTE wireless services for enhanced coverage and flexibility
  • Hand-held devices for Officers. An ESN hand held device or conventional smartphone running the Mobilize OMD App. This is a solution for an Officer or Full-time responder who requires a flexible and comprehensive mobilisation solution for incident Despatch, Status, Messaging and Alerting
  • Central Mobilize mobile data gateway servers, which include web-based administration and reporting functionality, and real-time performance dashboards. Central Mobilize solutions include complete active-active multi-site installations capable of running at regional or national scale with no single point of failure and service levels which exceed 99.999% proven uptimes

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