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Cookie Policy And How We Use Cookies

This Cookie Policy sets out the way in which this website uses Cookies and other tracking technologies on this website and store information on your computer or device.

For information on user privacy please see our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of textual data that a webserver sends to a web browser to store settings in the web browser, remember items like your login name or configure your web browser to send items to us with each page request so that we handle your computer or device correctly.

Why we use Cookies

This website uses Cookies to manage the operation of the website and improve your user experience. We do this because the basic relationship between your web browser and our server is stateless, and no information or settings are remembered across pages.

In order for our site to work correctly we need it to be stateful and Cookies provide the memory or linkage across page requests to join everything together.

Policy on Cookies

Our policy is to:

  • use the minimum number of cookies necessary to deliver the site effectively
  • use only first-party cookies set by our website (not third-party cookies)
  • use only W3C standard HTTP cookies and not other tracking technologies
  • not to use Local Stored Objects, Flash Cookies, Web beacons or other technologies
  • use “session cookies” where practical that expire when you finish browsing
  • use “persistent cookies” where necessary with a short expiry time (eg. 15 minutes)
  • not to store anything that is personally identifiable information in cookies
  • provide a clear warning on the website unstil such a time as you acknowledge it

We beleive that we comply with the Information Comissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines and regulations – you can read more here:…

Cookies we use

We use the following cookies:

Name Value Type Description
cookie-agreed 0 or 2 Persistent Set to 2 if you have agreed to our cookie policy
Expires in 3 months from when you last visited the site
has_js 0 or 1 Session Used to indicate whether your web browser has JavaScript enabled
0=JavaScript is disabled; 1=JavaScript is enabled
_gat 1 Persistent Google Analytics
Expires 15-20 minutes after you finish using the site
_ga GAxxxxxxxxxx Persistent Google Analytics identifier for this session
Expires 15-20 minutes after you finish using the site

Disabling cookies

You may change the settings in your web browser, computer or mobile device and disable cookies, however if you do this we cannot guarantee that the website will be displayed correctly.


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