Thorcom releases Mobilize-CFR application for Community

A new mobilisation app for community first responders

Thorcom Systems has introduced Mobilize® CFR, an innovative mobilisation solution for Community First Responders.  It comprises an Android app and a managed internet gateway service that delivers mobilisation instructions, status updates and local navigation, enabling emergency service organisations to improve communications with Community First Responders, extend coverage and, at up to 50% of the cost of traditional solutions, achieve significant savings.

According to Thorcom Systems:  “Mobilize CFR is the first product to be launched from the new Mobilize® series of modular solutions which offer higher levels of configurability and interoperability with command & control and computer aided dispatch  (CAD) systems.  It allows emergency services organisations to leverage the lower cost and availability of smartphones to improve communications with Community First Responders and deliver a more efficient incident response.”

Mobilize CFR is a real-time solution that interacts with CAD systems to provide Community First Responders with incident mobilisation instructions via Android smartphones whether privately owned or issued by an emergency service.  The easy to use internet-based mobile data app uses any mobile network or Wi-Fi connection to eliminate the coverage issues that have traditionally impacted on the performance of single networks and radio technologies.

Community First Responders are provided with a book-on screen to enter their unique CAD identity and can be mobilised on receipt of a standard message.  As a two-way system, Mobilize CFR overcomes the limitation of paging and SMS-based systems by confirming to dispatchers that mobilisation messages have been received. Responders can also provide status updates such as availability to attend, on the way, arrived, situation report, assistance required and more.  The application also supports stand-down instructions, two-way text messages and an under duress, emergency function.

Mobilize CFR not only improves communications with Community First Responders, but also provides automatic resource location data enabling CAD operators to assign the closest resource.  To further speed up response, the app also integrates with Google Maps to show the destination and provide turn-by-turn navigation.  Maps can be preloaded into each device and used in offline mode, a particularly important feature in rural areas with intermittent mobile network coverage.

  “This new real-time mobilisation solution will change the way that emergency service organisations communicate with their Community First Responder networks,” continued Thorcom.  “Developed by industry experts with over 20 years’ experience of the requirements of this sector, Mobilize CFR can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems and will play a major role in helping to protect and save lives in the future.”

Mobilize CFR is powered through a managed internet gateway service operated by Thorcom Systems.  Data is delivered to CAD systems from the company’s secure and resilient server centre via an IPSEC VPN which meets all PSN security requirements.

The managed service includes software updates which are automatically detected and downloaded from the Thorcom server when needed.

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