Mobilize Product Family

Mobilize Product Family

Mobilize® Product Family

Modular and flexible incident despatch and mobilisation solutions


Traditionallty mobile data and incident dispatch systems have been proprietary, complex and difficult to implement, maintain and support - Thorcom has introduced the Mobilize® family of products to address these issues and provide a set of products and features that are modular, configurable and designed to operate together.

Mobilize® has a core set of features that are common to a wide range of users that include police, fire, ambulance, rescue services and maintenance call out services - all Mobilize products use a common protocol allowing easy integration with a wide range of Command & Control and Computer Aided Dispatch systems from traditional 3ES vendors to public Web-based and Cloud-based service providers.


Mobilize MDT - Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal

Mobilize MDT is the mobile data terminal solution for single and dual crewed front-line ambulances, rapid respone vehicles and officer's cars that need a fixed installation, full feature mobile data, status, vehicle location and satellive navigation solution.

Read more about Mobilize MDT.


Mobilize CFR - Community First Responder application

Mobilize CFR is an application for Android smartphones for Community First Responders (CFRs) and other volunteer workers that provides a light-weight and easy-to-use sub-set of full mobile data that provides incident despatch, status and local navigation. Mobilize CFR uses a secure Internet connection via the mobile device and/or WiFi connection.

Read more about Mobilize CFR.


Mobilize ESN - Emergency Services Network users

Mobilize ESN is an application for Android smarphones that Thorcom is currently deveipoing for use on Emergency Services Network (ESN) by Paramedics, Technicans and ambulane crews.


Mobilize OMD - Officer Mobile Data application

Mobilize OMD is an application for Android smartphones for ambulance service Officers and senior management.

Mobilize OMD provides mobile data dispatch, status and navigation functions but also allows the Officer to interact with CAD's incident call stack, review incidents and request mobilisation to incidents, view statistics and trust performance.


Mobilize ALO - Ambulance Liason Officer application

Mobilize ALO is an application for Android smartphones for the management of hospital arrivals, patient management, patient warehousing and patient handovers between parameidc crews, ALOs and hospitals.


Mobilize SVG - Smart Vehicle Gateway

Mobilize SVG is a vehicle communications hub and Smart Vehicle Gateway for ambulance mobile data, resource management and wider communications.

Mobilize SVG is based on our VR2200 Smart Vehicle Gateway customised and tailored for use as an Ambulance Comminications Hub abnd Smart Gateway solution.


Mobilize MDG - Mobile Data Gateway

Mobilize MDG is the central Mobile Data Gateway that runs the mobile data system and provides access to CAD and GIS/mapping systems via standard protocols.

Read more about Mobilize MDG product and mobile data solutions.


Mobilize MDM - Mobile Data Manager

Mobilize MDM is the web-based adminitration and Mobile Data Manager that allows configuration of resources, devices and system components using a standard web browser.

Mobilize MDM controls one or more Mobile Data Gateway servers in a mobile data system solution.

Read more about Mobilize MDM.


Mobilize TRS - Trust Reporting Server

Mobilize TRS is the Trust Reporting Server which provides both real-time dashboard display for the mobile data system performance and reporting services to analyise system performance, communcations bearer performance and resource performance metrics.

Read more about Mobilize TRS.


Additional Information

The majority of products and solutions decribed here are available today while some are in development or are planned products on Thorcom's product Road Map.  Please consult Thorcom for further information.

Mobilize® is a Registered Trademark of Thorcom Systsms Limited.